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"Embrace the Chaos”, is what reads on the back of the wine label on Fazeli Cellars’ 2012 “Mayhem” wine bottle. However, “embrace the beauty”, is what I would say. It's what you feel once you see this winery and it's beautiful panoramic grand entrance. With their roots running deep, this winery was built to reflect pride on its Persian Heritage and provide a relaxing ambience that honors its culture.

Fazeli Cellars, is located on the De Portola Trail in the beautiful Temecula Wine Country with surrounding wineries nearby. There are beautiful teal details slightly scattered throughout the winery demonstrating the thought and time it took in planning the architecture of this property. Whether it was a hint of teal on the wood tables or on the corners of the large wood doors, they were perfect to display pure character.

The Deli, Baba Joon’s Kitchen was delicious with a variety of delicious dishes with a casual feel. I have to give a shout out to the Walnut Panar. This walnut and cream cheese spread dip was so refreshing and perfectly topped with a pomegranate reduction drizzle. The mini baguettes were toasted just right and made for the perfect palette combination. The Caesar Salad with Chicken and the Ham and Cheese Sandwich, are also taste worthy.

WINE NOTES - The 2012 Mayhem, is made up of two variety of grapes, 71% Cinsaut and 29% Mourvedre. This red wine blend is a great table wine. Fruit forward, medium bodied and soft tannins. Make sure to ask about the story behind this bottle and why the label reads, “embrace the chaos”, and “a state of rowdy disorder”. Actually, almost every bottle has a unique name and a story behind it. I also loved the 2009 Khayyam red blend (Cabernet Sauvignon, Petite Syrah, Shiraz and Cab Franc) and the 2012 “Meritage”, both medium bodied, and smooth finish. 

******* Please  note that some of these bottles are no longer available.

Before I left, I walked around the property to see what other beautiful sights it had to offer. To say that this property is beautiful is the least. With it's meticulous attention to detail spread throughout the winery and delicious wines, I left with a smile on my face and bottles in hand. I hope you do as well. Fazeli Cellars is now open and remember, “Wine….because it’s not good to keep things bottled up” (Insert smiley face).

With Love, Paper and Wine | Erika

Click here to check out the grand opening photo shoot at Fazeli Cellars that was featured on Ceremony Magazine. Wedding photography by Hulse Photo.