Wisteria Lane in Temecula Wine Country


Spring is natures way of saying, 'Let's Party' - Robin Williams

Spring is here and what better way to welcome it than with full blooming flowers!!! I'm completely obsessed with flowers, as they bring so much joy to my life. Well, if you haven’t noticed it, Wisteria Lane exists in Temecula and it’s blooming all over some wineries in Wine Country. Last year, I went around the wineries and snapped pictures of all the Wisterias that were blooming, which you can see below. Currently, the Wisterias have begun to bloom and are looking amazing. Wisterias usually last about four weeks, depending on the weather. So make sure to catch these beautiful blooming Wisterias, which make for beautiful pictures moments. With all the wonderful rain we got this year, I can’t even imagine what the Wisterias will look like in about a week!  I didn't get a chance to visit all the wineries with wisterias last year, so if I missed one, please let me know in the comments below. Currently Temecula Wineries displaying Wisteria are South Coast Winery (my favorite), Miramonte, Lorimar Winery and Vineyards, and Cougar Winery. Two other wineries that I didn't get a chance to visit last year that are currently blooming beautifully with Wisteria are Peltzer Winery,  (Newest edition to Temecula and the cutest winery around) and Keyways. What other wineries have blooming Wisterias? Let me know!!!!

South Coast Winery Resort and Spa 

South Coast Winery has my absolute favorite blooming Wisteria Tree. As you walk up to the winery, you are welcomed by this majestic beauty. The wisteria stands tall above you as you walk through the winery, covering you in a mystical canopy for several hundred feet. Seriously you guys! Its so magical, but I'm a sucker for flowers if you haven't noticed.

South Coast wisteria 2017

With Love Paper and Wine | South Coast Winery | Wisteria Bloom

South Coast Wisteria 2016


With Love Paper and Wine | South Coast Winery | Wisteria Tree
With Love Paper and Wine | South Coast Winery | Wisteria Tree

Miramonte Winery

Nestled high on the cliff and overlooking Temecula Wine Country is Miramonte Winery.

Wisteria 2016

Lorimar Winery and Vineyards

Lorimar Winery has a beautiful Wisteria tree canopy, but unfortunately, I caught it at the end of its bloom last year. You can click here to read my last post on Lorimar Winery last year. 

Wisteria 2016

Keyways Winery

Wisteria 2017

With Love Paper and Wine | Keyways Winery | Wisteria Tree

Keyways Wisteria 2016

Let me know if I missed any wineries! and I hope you get out this weekend and enjoy the view. Forecast says, its sunny outside!!!!!

With Love Paper and Wine | Erika

All pictures by me so I apologize for the editing :)