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Nestled behind a rolling hilltop, lives a little piece of Napa at Mount Palomar Winery. Mount Palomar’s winemaker is James Rutherford, who’s family pioneered and owned the greater part of Napa Valley. With his family being the first to settle and produce wine in the Napa Valley region, James Rutherford planted his roots at Mount Palomar Winery in 2013. 

With 25 varietals of wine, Mount Palomar Winery produces classic wines ranging from Bordeaux style blends to Italian blends varietals.

During this visit, my friend Allie Marion, came along with me and experienced some barrel tastings with winemaker, James. And of course, she took all the beautiful pictures. 

All the wines we tasted from the barrels were delicious, which were poured carefully by the winemaker. With such passion and enthusiasm for wine, he explained the detailed process of taking care of the winery crops and the winemaking process. 

I normally don’t drink Riesling because its too sweet. However, Mount Palomar is producing a dry riesling that was so delicious, I had to come back and try some more. The riesling was dry, with a touch of sweetness, leaving an apricot peach lingering flavor on your mouth.

Not only does Mount Palomar pride itself on its vineyard and wine, but also on its Cream Sherry solera. With possibly the oldest outdoor Sherry solera in the United States, Palomar is producing high quality Cream Sherry. The sherry is aged for a minimum of five years, in the California sun and passed through several barrels until perfection is reached. 

Don’t forget to have lunch at their new restaurant, Annata Bistro/ Bar, which offers a Mediterranean fusion menu and a full service bar. Try the ceviche!

Panoramic views of the valley, private tasting patios, murder mystery dinners and music, are some of the wonderful experiences offered at Mount Palomar Winery. With mesmerizing views of the Palomar observatory and surrounding wineries, Mount Palomar is a place to visit.

Thank you again Mount Palomar Winery and James Rutherford for your time and hospitality. If you didn't notice, I visited the winery on several occasions and brought different photographers each time. Pictures provided by my wonderful and beautiful friend Allie from Allie Marion Photography. Thank you xoxo

Evening pictures provided by my other beautiful friend, Alicia Carlson | xoxo

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"Everything happens for a riesling"

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