Lorimar Winery - Wine, Music, and Art!


Surrounded by mesmerizing orange groves and 40 acres of varietal grapes, Lorimar Winery and Vineyards pride themselves with their tasteful wine, music and art.

The name "Lorimar" is unique, in that it came from taking the two names of the owners and brothers in law, Laurie and Marc. With music as their center of entertainment and musical notes as their logo branding, Lorimar Winery and Vineyards provides an ambiance that is welcoming and enjoyable. With beautiful displays of art for sale scattered throughout the winery, there is always something to look at while you're wine tasting.

Their lovely gift shop is decorated with cute little nick knacks, cheeses and other tasty snacks. With some of my local favorites, Mrs. Jam and McCalls toffee, they are sure not to disappoint. One of my favorites things to do while wine tasting at Lorimar is visiting Penny, Lorimar's Sommelier. Penny knows so much about wine, so I always make sure to ask her 20 questions. Pairing is always so much fun with Penny, especially when we pair McCalls Toffee with wine. My absolute favorite McCalls toffee is the almond and habanero which is paired ever so perfectly with Lorimar's Malbec (picture above). The spiciness from the habanero on the toffee and the tannins on the Malbec, blends together perfectly, softening the spice on the palette with slight lingering notes of chocolate.

On the weekends, you'll find the "Pairings" food truck. There you can order a variety of delicious treats and appetizers such as a mixed cheese platters, flat breads, fresh salads or tasteful sandwiches. Any choice will be a good choice! 

Wine Notes: When it comes to wines at Lorimar, I have several favorites. At the moment, I love the "Ariosa", their 2013 cabernet sauvignon. The Ariosa was released in December, replacing their "Solo" Cabernet Sauvignon. This bottle has become one of my favorites due to its lightness and it's not as full bodied as a normal cabernet. The wine is slightly young, but very tantalizing. It's filled with smooth bountiful flavors of berries and soft tannins that will linger on your palette. With a young wine this flavorful, giving it a year will make the "Ariosa" an eloquent winner. Buy a bottle or two. Drink one and save one for a special occasion......well, I'm not an expert, but that was my amateur review :)

For a dry, fruit forward white wine, try the sauvignon blanc and their Vineyard Blend. My two favorite white wines! With a wisteria tree blooming in the spring and a wedding venue in the middle of the vineyards, Lorimar Winery and Vineyards is truly the meaning of visual and tasteful art. 

And remember, "Wine is like opera. You can enjoy it even if you do not understand it". -Unknown

With Love, Paper and Wine | Erika

All photography of Lorimar Winery by Sam Wells Photo. A special thank you to Lorimar Winery and Sam Wells for the collaboration! Penny, you're amazing as always!!! 

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