Wine Tasting in Temecula Wine Country | Callaway Winery

While reading the history of Callaway Winery, I came across several other articles and write ups that talked about the beginning of Temecula’s wine country. Throughout the years, the meaning of Temecula has been interpreted as, “a place for the sun”, or as it’s more recently and commonly known, “Where the sun breaks through the mist”. Well, let’s just say that the Vineyard’s that were planted for Callaway Winery were beautifully planted on a plateau, “where the sun breaks through the mist”, (and now for a little story time)……… 

John Moramarco, an experienced viticulturist from northern California, was hired to research the Temecula area, for its feasibility for growing grapes and other fruits. Elli Callaway knew he wanted to plant a vineyard in Temecula, so he located John Moramarco for his advice. He pointed Mr. Callaway to a hilltop plateau with views of the valley and panoramic backdrops of the mountain ridge. John Moramarco believed that the area was ideal because the coastal air would create a cool morning mist that peaked over the rolling hills of the vineyards. It was believed that this “morning mist” would simmer through the vines and set just enough mist to last on the soil for the hot summer days. With beautiful rolling hills and high mountain hilltops, Elli Callaway knew this area was perfect for his vineyard. With its’ first vines planted in 1968, Callaway winery was the first to put Temecula as a serious wine producing region on the map.

Callaway Winery and Vineyards is beautifully located on the entrance of Temecula Wine Country. The modern industrial feel to the winery welcomes guests in a very relaxing and quiet ambience. The large tasting rooms on both floors have several beautiful balconies that overlook views for miles. And yes, this winery also had purse hooks holders underneath the tasting room bar (insert wink). Large cushion sofas are scattered throughout the winery so you can rest and relax with your doggie while having a glass of wine.

Callaway Winery is beautifully located at the entrance of Temecula Wine Country. Nestled on a hilltop plateau, you’re guaranteed an abundance of views.

Thank you Allie Marion from Allie Marion Photography for being a great friend, great company and the beautiful photography. Meritage restaurant photography by With Love, Paper and Wine and sunset pictures by Ashley Nicole Video Productions (all pictures taken in February 2016). Callaway Winery, thank you for hosting a delicious event for the TVWP meeting (click to see video by Ashley Nicole VP). Thank you Michelle Garibay Events for hosting the Event Professional Women's Luncheon, your the best! And of course, Callaway winery for hosting this event as well! and remember, "More important that the food pairing is the person with whom you drink the wine with": -Christian Moueix

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