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Maglen Resorts | Valle de Guadalupe

Maglen Resort is one of the newest properties in Valle de Guadalupe and conveniently located in the San Antonio de las Minas. This property has everything that’s needed within three of their properties for any type of traveler and budget. The Maglen resort has every amenity one can think of, with three restaurants, a new brewery, winery and three different resorts within the property to stay at. These three properties on the Maglen property has become one of the most convenient and most comfortable places to stay during a wine tasting adventure in Valle de Guadalupe. All three of these properties, Encinal, Las Villas and Tesela, are located within walking distance and next to each other. The properties also share the restaurants and tasting wine and beer facilities.

Grupo Maglen | Valle de Guadalupe

Cantera Cocina Del Valle

The properties offer two award winning restaurants with Cantera located at the main area of Maglen and Encinal Cantera is ran by Chef Joel Quintana. Cantera restaurant is a BajaMed restaurant with French style dishes and Asian infused spices and ingredients. Cantera offers many delicious dishes from calamari tacos, lamb ribs, duck tostadas and one of the best ahi ceviches ever! Did I mention that they also have Mazapan Ice cream and churros? You can usually find a pig or a lamb roasting on the fire during the day, getting ready for the guests to indulge later in the afternoon. Open for lunch and dinner.

Hotel Encinal is one of three properties that are part of the Maglen Resort and is the most kid friendly out of the three. I didn't get to stay at Encinal, but my friends did. As you can see in the pictures below, its a nice comfortable room with all the basic necessities you need. The hotel has a jacuzzi, pool and the Cantera Restaurant at a walking distance. Encinal offers two types of accommodations and is close to many wineries like Kruger, Corona Del Valle, Vinas de la Erre, Vinas de Garza, Alximia, Conchas de Piedra, Bodegas Santo Tomas and many more.

Encinal at Maglen Resort

Encinal at Maglen Resort

Pool at Las Villas Property at Maglen Resort

Pool at Las Villas Property at Maglen Resort

Las Villas is also another property of the Maglen Resort. This hotel is the largest out of the three and the most luxurious and the more expensive. It doesn’t break the bank, but it does cost a little more than the other three properties. The villas offer one and two bedrooms with kitchens, living rooms and dining rooms. Each Villa is different offering a relaxing experience with endless views. This property also has a pool and the restaurant Ha'che and the wine tasting room conviniently located on this property. Out of the three properties, the Villas are the nicest and the most luxurious with beautiful decorations. They're large with a little extra amenities than the other properties. La Villas is also close to many wineries like Kruger, Corona Del Valle, Vinas de la Erre, Vinas de Garza, Alximia, Conchas de Piedra, Bodegas Santo Tomas and many more.

Ha’Che is the restaurant that is located on the same property as Las Villas, offering regional specialties and other international delights prepared using the freshest ingredients. Ran by Chef Saul Flores, you can find dishes like Tuna carpaccio in oriental citrus, Portebello stuffed with grab meat au gratin, Toasts of Peruvian bean and crab meat with arugula, Smoked marlin quesadillas and pizzas just to name a few. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Tesela at Maglen | Valle de Guadalupe
Tesela at Maglen | Valle de Guadalupe

Tesela is part of the Grupo Maglen and it's also located on the same property in between Encinal and Las Villas. I’ve stayed at this property on three occasions and with some incredible sunsets and sunrises of the Valle! I would say its a step up from Glamping and more of a endemic lodging, in that there's no televisions, coffee makers in the room, but with all the basic necessities you need to relax, making it a more peaceful experience and staying in the moment. Tesela offers types of accommodations one more relaxed glamping style and the other with a more modern feel.

The glamping style rooms are a cubed shaped accommodations with two styles of rooms, all offer floor to ceiling windows with a magnificent view of the Guadalupe Valley. One room is a suite with the bed and bathroom downstairs and a sitting area on the entry floor. The rooms have minimal amenities, each room is its own cube with a terrace and hammock. All rooms face the same location for optimal privacy. The rooms are super nice with a comfortable bed and different sized pillows. The shower was made of bamboo flooring and talavera tile covering the walls.

The more modern rooms are the newest addition to the Tesela Maglen Group property. They offer super comfortable beds and also a beautifully decorated talavera bathroom. These rooms do offer a television, Wifi and coffee makers. I’ve also had the chance to stay at this property and loved it. If only I could have stayed a little longer!

Tesela at Maglen Resort | Valle de Guadalupe

This property also offers a pool with a bar that offer snacks and drinks. I would say that this place is perfect for couples and not as child friendly, but it can accommodate children.  Tesela is close to many wineries like Kruger, Corona Del Valle, Vinas de la Erre, Vinas de Garza, Alximia, Conchas de Piedra, Bodegas Santo Tomas and many more.

Overall, the Maglen Group Resort offers a style of accommodation for every type of guest, budget, style and with everything in one property. It conveniently located near many wineries and also offering tour and ride services to other wineries. Everytime I stay at one of these resorts within Maglen, I know that I’ll have everything I need for those late evening when I just want to relax and not leave my hotel.