Sustainable Winery and Restaurant in Valle de Guadalupe | Alximia Winery and Deckman's at El Mogor

Alximia Winery | | Valle de Guadalupe | Photo by Erika Beach

Alximia winery is located on the South part of Valle De Guadalupe Mexico and relatively close to other wineries, restaurants and hotels. It's location makes its very easy to find and very accessible to many places when you're in a hurry. If you have been to Valle de Guadalupe then you understand how big it is and the roads can be challenging, making it difficult to be accurate with your appointments. In this article, I have included one sustainable restaurant and one Hotel that are within a ten minute drive from the sustainable winery Alximia. I have done this route myself, so I can assure you can make the most of your time in one day. One of these Restaurants close to Alximia is Deckman's at El Mogor and one hotel is Tesela by Maglen Resorts, which I'll talk about at the end of the article.


Alximia was built by mathematician, Alvaro Alvarez, who turned winemaker with his astronomer father, who wanted to develop wines that were delicious while minimizing their environmental impact.  Alximia opened in 2013 and is currently producing seven varietals that are organically fertilized, Petit Verdot, Zinfandel, Tempranillo, Barbera, Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. The architecture of the winery was build with the idea of preserving nature while incorporating the four natural elements during the winemaking process. It’s structure resembles a “spaceship”, which was built to reuse scarce water from the top of the circular dome like roof of the winery.  This water is then caught at the bottom and recycled. You can click HERE to read more on 3 Wineries with Sustainability Practices. 

The winery structure was built with the idea of preserving nature while incorporating the four natural elements during the winemaking process. The "earth" element, is the natural soil that the vineyards are grown on. The "Water" element, is the reuse of the scarce water from the top of the circular dome like roof of the winery.  The fresh "air" element, is from the sea and the "fire" element, is from the sun to help the vines grow.

As you can see in the picture above and the picture below, the entrance to Alximia's winery is on the second floor, which brings fluidity to their winemaking process. Their grapes are brought to the third floor for selection and de-stemming, which are carefully brought down as gravity draws them to the second floor for the fermentation process. Finally, They are gently taken to the bottom floor to the cave where they are placed in French oak barrels for aging.  

Alximia Winery | Photo by Erika Beach

Alximia Winery also offers a small cafe inside their winery, so if you're in a hurry and hungry, you can always eat here.

One of my favorite wines that Alximia produces is their Talisman, which means "Good Luck". The Talisman is made up of 100% Viognier and its aged in French Oak barrels for four months. It was light in color with a beautiful myer lemon hue and fresh aromatics with a nice crisp finish. Perfect for hot days! Sorry no picture. 

Alximia Winery | Photo by Erika Beach
Photo taken October 2016

Photo taken October 2016

Deckman's Restaurante at El Mogor | Valle de Guadalupe

Deckman's at El Mogor is located approximately ten minutes away from Alximia Winery. Deckman's is one of the most famous Restaurants in Valle de Guadalupe in the San Antonio de las Minas area. Michelin star Chef, Drew Deckman, created this sustainable "Farm to Table" restaurant with the intention of keeping it open for one year, but fell in love with the Guadalupe Valley that he decided to make the restaurant permanent. Deckman's at El Mogor has been recognized as one of the top restaurants not just in Baja, but in Mexico. It has also been recognized as a Gastronomic Restaurant destination, where foodies will travel to a specific location to experience the culinary art of a particular restaurant.

Deckman's menu changes daily, as they accommodate their sustainable practices by creating with what is available locally. In addition, Deckman's at El Mogor dosen't offer commercial bottled waters or soft drinks and they re-capture waste water to use for irrigation. They also recycle their own plastic, glass and metal wastes. Something else that makes Deckman's at El Mogor so unique, is its location and architecture (or lack of). Deckman's is so rustic and beautiful, decorated with recycled products and hay. Part of the restaurant structure and kitchen is completely outdoors with one of the best panoramic views of Valle de Guadalupe. 

Deckman's is very accommodating to dietary needs and will make anything according to your restrictions. Everything is sourced locally or on the property. All the their wine, vegetables, herbs, lamb, olive oil, and eggs are estate grown or produced on the Mogor Ranch. The fish and seafoods are sustainable and are always from the Baja Penninsula area and/or when possible from SmartFishAC. The salt is from San Felipe, Mexico and the cheeses come from from the Guadalupe Valley and their neighbors in Ojos Negros. All beef is local and responsible. This is a MUST visit and this restaurant will not disappoint. If you're ever in Valle de Guadalupe and you decide to visit, allow some time because, "Our food is slow, its not fast food". - Chef Drew Deckman

For additional pictures and more information on Deckman's El Mogor, please read my article and click HERE.

IMG_4776.JPGSibaria Tours | Valle de Guadalupe | Photo by Erika Beach

Thank you to our driver Carlos from Sibaria Tours, who was the most kind, patient and helpful guide. Muchisimas gracias Carlos from Sibaria Tours for making this afternoon and week so special. If you ever need a tour service to pick you up/drop off at the border and take you around Valle de Guadalupe to all the perfect places, then call Sibaria Tours. The large vans are clean and are sustainable to the Valle roads! 

Sibaria Tours | Valle de Guadalupe

Tesela Resort

Tesela is part of the Grupo Maglen and it's also located in the San Antonio de las Minas area in Valle de Guadalupe. This place was super awesome! I would say its a step up from Glamping, in that there are no televisions in the room with minimal amenities, making it a more peaceful experience. Each room is its own cube with a terrace and hammock. All the rooms offer floor to ceiling windows with a magnificent view of the Guadalupe Valley. All rooms face the same location for optimal privacy.  The rooms are super nice with a comfortable bed with different size pillows. The shower was made of wood flooring and talavera tile covered the walls. This is a relatively new hotel and the pool is almost complete. The property also offers a restaurant and bar. and its perfect for couples and not very child friendly.  

Tesela Maglen Resort | Valle de Guadalupe

Alximia , Deckman's at El Mogor and Tesela Resort, are definitely must visit places with delicious food and wines and a fantastic place to stay in a great location. If you plan on visiting these this winery, click here for information on 2 for 1 wine tastings to 24 wineries in Valle De Guadalupe, including Alximia. Have you visited any of these places before? Let me know in the comments below!



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