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Erika Beach | Wine and Travel writer

Hello! My name is Erika and I'm a full time bilingual writer for a public corporation by day and wine and travel writer by night. I'm currently WSET Level 2 Certified and began my wine journey in 2004. My love for wine was given to me at birth when my father purchased a 1973 Dom Perignon bottle in my honor, hours after I was born. I grew up looking at that bottle and knew what wine was from a very young age. He kept that bottle for me, until I was legally able to drink it. My father lost his battle with cancer in 2009, so I decided to keep the bottle and not drink it. I still have that bottle today, untouched and unopened.

I was born in San Diego, but raised in Tijuana, Mexico, spending most of my life living in between both Countries. I moved to the Temecula area in the early 90’s with my parents and have been here ever since! I began traveling to Europe, as my family resides near Paris and was exposed to some pretty amazing wines. After my third time in France, I knew I was passionate about wine and in 2004, I began working at my first winery in Temecula. I continue to expand my knowledge daily and enjoy learning about wine. I love taking the road less traveled and tend to travel to spots that are harder to get to. I have a soft spot for Spanish speaking countries, as Spanish is my first language.

I've worked as a writer and content creator for Virginia Tourism Corporation, Temecula Winegrowers Association, Visit Temecula, Come to Rocky Point Tourism Board, Scottsdale Tourism, Ensenada tourism, Rosario Tourism, Tijuana Tourism, San Miguel de Allende Wines and Mexico Wine Importer, LMA Wines and many more.

Disclaimer: Articles with an ****** asterisk sign, indicates I was compensated in some form for attending a winery or a destination, or for receiving product. All sponsors are notified that my review is my personal experience and I do not get paid to provide positive reviews. These companies are brands/ Destinations that I naturally travel to or want to collaborate with.

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Email me for press/media inquiries and other collaborations at Erikabeach4@gmail.com