Peltzer Pumpkin Farm & Winery a Must visit in Temecula Wine Country!

Peltzer Winery and Peltzer Pumpkin Farms are truly unique and one of a kind places. The entire property and winery is decorated with a rustic modern industrial feel with unique details throughout the entire winery and property. Their Silo bar, created by the owner, was recently opened at their winery offering delicious sangrias with other refreshing mixed cocktails. a pumpkin farm at a winery by fourth generation family farmers producing their first pumpkin harvest in 1913 and in Orange County in 1996. The Peltzer family moved to Temeculaten years ago and this year they're celebrating their 21st harvest. There's so much too see and so many cute things to purchase at their Crush House. Even the wall diving the men's and women restroom has vintage detail of a collection of license plates that was collected by the owners. 

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