Wine at the museum | the cellar beverly hills.


“You’re a work of art. Not everyone will understand you, but the ones who do, will never forget about you”.

It was a night at the museum, well it was a night of art beautifully placed throughout this underground wine vault. Several weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending Italian Artist Ribana Szutor’s first United States Art exhibition at the new wine storage and concierge facility, The Cellar Beverly Hills. I don’t always understand art, but when I saw hers, I immediately connected with her paintings. I connected with her style and her ability to connect with her heart through her images.

The evening event was held at the new high- tech and wine storage service facility, The Cellar Beverly Hills. The facility is a Multi-tiered, military grade security vault that provides 24/7 surveillance with advanced biometrics and premier fine wine storage services. Some of these services include a proprietary web app for real-time inventory browsing and on-demand delivery of your wine. Your wine can also be decanted prior to your arrival at your dining destination, hotel, or doorstep. The Cellar BH also provides wine consultation for members (i.e. purchasing recommendations, storage recommendations, planning wines for an event).  While the Cellar BH does not handle all matters wine internally, they can facilitate almost anything to their clients in the world of wine collection. The facility approximately holds 50,000 bottles and the locker size is a four case minimum that can be shared with a friend. The Cellar is also available to rent for select private events throughout the year. Members do have priority in using the space for their own events, which is kind of cool.  Besides the storage facility, members will be invited to exclusive private events with special perks with various luxury partnerships currently under development. For further information on wine storage information and pricing click here

(pictured above is founder and CEO of The Cellar BH, Sam Bialosky)

The Cellar Bh | Photography by Samantha Trauben  |  Ribana Szutor and Gerard Butler

The Cellar Bh | Photography by Samantha Trauben  |  Ribana Szutor and Gerard Butler

 Ribana's art was carefully placed throughout the walls within the hallways of The Cellar, which turned into a modern art museum. Her Art does not need any explanation or interpretation.The beautiful abstract images within her art, such as the styled evanescent bodies and floral elements, are intended to connect with the sensibility and emotions of the person looking at it. Her overall goal….. to connect with with person looking at her art though the heart and soul. And to find their own meaning and beauty within.

Wine and art are two things that are both very similar and have a lot in common. People will analyze and interpret wine and art based on their own experiences or emotions. When drinking wine, people will taste different flavors and with art, they may see a different image . Art also allows you to go beyond the artist eyes and interpret their paintings differently and not from their perspective. Its also a journey, just like wine. Wine can take you back in time and to another place. Or somewhere new! Overall, Wine and art should always go together!

Look above to see some pictures of the guests, including one super handsome movie star (insert wink.......................wait for it)!

All photography and the slide above by Samantha Trauben

Pictures below were taken by my friend Allie from Allie Marion Photography and myself with our iPhones. The first picture is my favorite painting, "Cuore", as Allie and I were both seeing different images within the painting.


Written By | Erika Beach

Venue | The Cellar Beverly Hils

Photography | Samantha Trauben

Sponsored by Tyler Barnett Public Relations