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Le Grange Grill and Cellars | New Family Restaurant Opens in Old Town Murrieta

Did you hear about the newest restaurant addition to Old Town Murrieta? I recently learned that the old Plow Boys Market in Old Town had closed and was being replaced with a wine bar and restaurant. I immediately went online to research this restaurant and came to find out that the new place was Le Grange Grill and Cellars, a sister company of Orange Coast Winery and Wiens Family Cellars. Within a few days I found myself visiting the newest addition to old town with my friend Allie from Allie Marion Photography.

Minutes of arriving at Le Grange Grill and Cellars, I immediately had the urge to grab my grocery basket and begin picking my produce. The restaurant was surrounded with countryside wine racks with an industrial bar at the focal point of the place. I saw customers wine tasting outside and others laughing, as if they had been there for hours. As we sat, Allie and I absorbed the familial energy within the space and made ourselves at home.

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